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Employee Satisfaction Survey - Moving Past Covid-19 and Major Business Disruption

1. I feel my organization values me

2. I feel my organization has done enough to communicate with me during the pandemic

3. I feel this organization cares about my health, including my mental health

4. I have been treated fairly during the pandemic

5. I feel comfortable bringing up issues to my manager

6. I feel my organization has been creative and attempted new initiatives amidst the pandemic

7. I want to return to work in the office/studio/workspace previous to the covid pandemic

8. I have been able to manage financially during the pandemic

9. I have a clear understanding of our organization's efforts to minimize health risks during the pandemic

10. I am satisfied with the health and safety protocols that have been established to keep me as safe as possible

11. I feel more productive working remotely

12. My organization strives to create a work life and home life balance while working from home

13. I am satisfied with my organization's employee engagement activities during the pandemic

14. I feel my job performance has been fairly evaluated amidst the pandemic

15. Overall, I feel that management is making changes that will benefit my future

16. Considering everything, I am satisfied working for this organization at the present time.

17. I feel more productive working partially in the office (3 days) and partially remotely (2 days)

18. I have the necessary workspace and tools to work remotely

Employee Satisfaction Survey (Premium Survey Statement Rationale)

1. I feel my pay is fair.

  • Invites a review of overall compensation practices.

2. I have the tools and equipment I need to do my job.

  • Equipment can also mean having access to the right materials (passwords, logins) and is a key component in engagement.

3. Considering everything, I am satisfied working for this organization at the present time.

  • Determines the need to review employee relations policies and practices to mitigate against unplanned turnover.

4. I feel that the work I do directly impacts the success of my organization.

  • Management should consistently make individuality a highlight, which leads to better performance and less turnover since individuals feel connected to management and thus the business.

5. I have sufficient freedom to determine how I carry out my job responsibilities.

  • A self-motivated, self-managed employee will keep overhead costs down. Simultaneously, this statement sheds light on management style and if it is effective or not.

6. I understand my Organization’s goals and objectives.

  • Clear articulation and communication of the organizational direction will reduce waste and create focus.

7. My organization is making the changes to be successful.

  • Given the general competitiveness created by the market, organizations must constantly reinvent themselves and communicate these changes. Employees should be informed about both the nature of the change and the logic behind it, before the change occurs.

8. I understand how my work contributes to the organization.

  • Cascading objectives from company to employees ensures “firing on all cylinders” and maximizes engagement.

9. In the last month my direct supervisor has encouraged me to be innovative and creative.

  • The boss has a role to tap into the mindset of the people doing the work to ensure productivity improvement. Individuality plays a key factor, everyone is different – and Supervisors need to understand their workforce.

10. I care a great deal about the quality of my work.

  • Commitment and loyalty of the employee to the organization.

11. In the last month I have been recognized for my efforts at work by my direct Supervisor.

  • A “pat on the back” at minimum is a crucial component to bond the supervisor with the employee.

12. I feel my organization values me.

  • There needs to be a personal connection to the organization – what do your employees love most about their jobs? Why? The relationship between the organization and the employees is integral in productivity.

13. I am willing to put in as much effort as necessary to get my job done.

  • One of the best gauges to determine the level of organizational loyalty, commitment and work ethic.

14. The organization where it can, strives to create opportunity for work life and home life balance.

  • Our evolving workforce with forecasted labour shortages demands a reflection about this issue.

15. My direct Supervisor in this organization behaves in an honest manner.

  • A respectful supervisor/employee relationship is the cornerstone for a productive and engaged workforce.

16. I feel as an organization we listen to the needs of our customers.

  • Confirmation that the employee understands the importance of the customer to ensure the organization’s success. Employees who feel connected to the business have more of an incentive to treat their customers better.

17. The organization is strongly committed to its policy to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

  • The harassment and sexual harassment policy is necessary to be compliant with Occupational Health and Safety. Employees need to know, and understand, what sexual harassment means in the workplace to ensure the employer is OHS compliant.

18. My compensation matches my responsibilities.

  • Invites a review of job descriptions and compensation strategies.

19. I would refer a friend to apply for a job at this organization.

  • Referrals are great resources to find superstars. Remember, employees are always representing your company – regardless if they are at work or not.

20. I do not feel frequent stress in my job.

  • Stress is not a medical condition – however if your employees’ behaviour have been changing perhaps a revisit to benefits and EAP are in order to support them.

21. I have never experienced any form of discrimination in this organization.

  • Showcases discrimination and harassment if present in your workplace needs to be changed immediately.

22. My organization values honesty and integrity.

  • How your employees see your organization’s character, respect in the workplace and many more employer relations issues will directly effect their level of engagement.

23. Individual differences are respected here (e.g gender, race, age etc).

  • Help you stay ahead of any potential human rights violations you do not know your organization may have.

24. This organization's policies and procedures make sense to me.

  • Policy manuals are fundamental in protecting an employer against sensitive employee relations issues. If you score low on this, a revisit to this manual (if you have one) is in order. If you do not have one, make one.

25. If I observe unethical behaviour I know where to report it.

  • Dive into your procedures around sensitive issues in the workplace. Lack of communication and/or where to communicate can lead to external interference – which can be costly.

26. I feel my job performance is fairly evaluated.

  • Providing constructive and fair feedback will show anyone areas of opportunity as well as positive reinforcement for where your employees are performing well.

27. I respect my supervisor.

  • Speaks to the employee – supervisor relationship.

28. Training opportunities to maintain and improve my skills are important to me.

  • Training can be a great motivational tool to retain good employees without providing high monetary increases.

29. Overall, Senior Management does a good job helping me improve my skill and knowledge.

  • Connection from front line to senior management will help develop stronger communication between employees and management. The personal development of an employees skills and competencies will increase their engagement ultimately increasing productivity.

30. I feel the organization has done enough to communicate with me during the pandemic.

  • Constant communication with staff working from home or on reduced hours is vital to maintain the relationship.

31. I am satisfied with the health and safety protocols that have been established to keep me as safe as possible.

  • Communication for health and safety is vital to keep your employees coming back to work, and ensuring they remain within your workforce, as opposed to going on the CRB.

32. I have the protective COVID-19 equipment necessary to do my job.

  • Having proper and well-maintained PPE will mitigate your risk on employees who are refusing unsafe work (which is in their right to do so). A low score on this statement will invite you to visit your current PPE.

33. I know where to get information to obtain any appropriate employee assistance.

  • Speaks to strong communication from management to staff.

34. I feel management has effectively motivated me while working from home.

  • Provides insight into if the work from home model is viable for the future, long term.

35. I feel safe coming to work.

  • Employers have the responsibility to take all reasonable measures to keep their workforce safe – pre, during and post Covid-19.

36. I have a clear understanding of our company’s efforts to minimize health risks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Employees must feel safe coming to work – otherwise absenteeism and sick calls will raise.

37. I feel the company cares about my health and safety, including my mental health.

  • Mental health is part of occupational health and safety – this area is still quite foreign but employers need to understand their duty to inquire and duty to accommodate to a point of undue hardship.