Employee Satisfaction Survey - Moving Past Covid-19 and Major Business Disruption

1. I feel my organization values me

2. I feel my organization has done enough to communicate with me during the pandemic

3. I feel this organization cares about my health, including my mental health

4. I have been treated fairly during the pandemic

5. I feel comfortable bringing up issues to my manager

6. I feel my organization is creative and attempting new initiatives amidst the pandemic

7. I want to return to work in the office/studio/workspace previous to the covid pandemic

8. I have been able to manage financially during the pandemic

9. I am confident that business will rebound in 2021

10. I feel our organization could be doing more to communicate new covid policies and procedures

11. I have a clear understanding of our organization's efforts to minimize health risks during the pandemic

12. I am safisfied with the health and safety protocols that have been established to keep me as safe as possible

13. I feel our Joint (Occupational) Health and Safety Committee has kept up to date on new covid protocols

14. I feel more productive working from home

15. My organization strives to create a work life and home life balance while working from home

16. I am satisfied with my organization's employee engagement activities during the pandemic

17. I feel my job performance has been fairly evaluated amidst the pandemic

18. Overall I feel that management is making changes that will benefit my future

19. Considering everything, I am satisfied working for this organization at the present time.